Still looking for Bear Creek Ringtail

june bug

The above picture was sent to me for review, I can tell that this is not a Bear Creek Ringtail because it does not have the spot pattern running along one of it’s eyes. Also, there is no tuffs of hair on the ear tips and the color spot is not brindle pattern. It could be part but not full blooded Bear Creek Ringtail.

Keep sending in those pics because we are looking to expand the breed numbers.


Living with OCD Cats

Like their human counterpart cats have OCD and BCR have it bad. However, that is one of the many things that make the breed stand out amongst the all others. The two we have are no different, they have a lot of them. The oldest one will get upset over pillows being arranged on our bed. If they aren’t arranged a certain way he will take them off the bed and keep doing it until they arranged to his satisfaction. He want to eat new cat food, even if it’s the same brand until watches the other eat it first. He will only eat out of yellow bowls and drink out of clear bowls. Everything he lies on must have some sort of soft cover, a towel, blanket etc. We have another breed of cat and he want eat out of the same bowel.

The younger one doesn’t like countertops, desk tops, tabletops etc to have anything unattended on it. He will knock it off or throw it off of it. The only way he want is if it is to heavy to move or stacked on one end. An example, by our bed we have cabinet. On one end its cleared off and the other is a lamp and tv remotes. If we leave anything other than the remotes he will knock it off or throw it off. However, because the remotes are kept one end he want bother them but they aren’t, then he will knock them off. He also like to play in sink water and if anything is in there he doesn’t like he will throw it out.

Dealing with their issues can be a difficult at times but they are family and we deal with it. With the older male Buddy, we just make sure everything he lies on has a cover on  it and  we feed two BCRs separate bowls and multiple stations . As far as the arrangement of the pillows, my wife moved the pillows to the guest bed and arranged them the way he likes and he is happy. She bought several yellow bowls to feed them out of that made them happy. Duncan is a different issue, we try to keep the countertops clear and we don’t breakables on them.  Dinner trays that don’t have anything on them makes him happy as well and keeps from obsessing over other tables and stands in the home.

If you love and care for cat you will have to figure out a way to deal with any issue they have. They more human than they are given credit for and like humans you have to love their good, bad, ugly ways.